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Sitka the traveling yinehi prophet and his pet bear, Mooshie. 

Various commissionssss….and I still can’t see the bottom of the barrel. OTL

Ohp it’s almost 4 am you know what that means. Tiiime to tell ya bout the nightmare I just had.

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//posts junk at midnight and passes out//

LAAAST fluffy dreamy child. Actually the first one I ever won.. I just revamped him…. This is Haku…he works at a restaurant..and he has issues. He’s friends with Fei and Li. 

Aaand now some doctors with actual PhD’s. Simon and his most respected colleagues Rajaxx, Zexnark, and Professor Gibbon.  (in chibi because im lazy)

Anonymous asked: I like all your stuff with the hospital and angels and demon and church and stuff. I wanted to ask are you religious or do you just really like all those type of things?

Glad you enjoy all my stuff. ; v ; 

I suppose I am religious…maybe not as religious as I should be…. I go to church with my granny every Sunday i’m home and I do turn to faith when I have problems in my life. 


eEEEHHhh welp…

Mundoo first saw Joe in a vision. He saw that there would be a huge collision between the different sides of the after life. The good, the bad, and the neutral would clash and crumble and nothing would exist anymore. Since Mundoo is only the god of the yinehi race his vision only showed so much. All he knew was that Jophiel was accidently going to do something very wrong and that would be the starting point of it all.image

Mun introduced himself at a fairly early part in Joe’s life. He was like an imaginary friend. No one could see him except Joe and he only appeared during the worst of times to fix everything like some savior..  Mundoo figured that if he kept Jophiel from stumbling over all the obstacles that life had planned out then this huge mistake would be avoided.Joe ended up depending on Mundoo a lot during adolescence. Once Mundoo realized he didn’t see any difference in the future he disappeared for a really long time. 


Once Mun realized that the hospital was going to be the issue that would ignite the flames in his vision he returned again. This time in a physical form that everyone could see.Instead of listening this go round, Joe just threw him into the hospital project expecting him to just make everything work like he’d done in the past.


Mundoo’s been trying to get Joe to listen to him about the apparent upcoming doom that’s going to effect all of their lives. but all Jophiel’s been interested in is having Mundoo as this protector/friend/significant other for all eternity. So far Mun’s been playing along in hopes to get some sense out of Joe before it’s too late. But with the clock ticking he’s been debating on whether or not to just erase Joe from existence and destroy the hospital himself.

Weeeeeelp a long time ago…

A mommy demon and a daddy angel decided that they loved eachother very very muuuuch despite all of the laws their love was breaking.  

A few sordid acts later….two angels were born. This was an unheard of occurrence. Usually when an angel and demon created offspring together they were deformed and ghastly angel/demon hybrid creatures that would never survive for more than a day or so. These angels however were completely stable. Of course there were still consequences. While the father went untainted, the mother ended up dying shortly after having the second child. 

The father took his two children up to Heaven and presented them as Celestial-borns ( angels born outside of Heaven somewhere in space). He named the youngest, by a day, Cleophes. He then named the oldest, by a day, Lucielle.

They were extraordinary children who excelled in just about everything they tried. Cleophes was prodigious in terms of strength and power. Lucielle was prodigious in terms of knowledge and wisdom. 

But in the end it turned out that the two children weren’t as stable as their father had once thought. After time Lucielle began to show signs of sickness and demonic like behavior. 

To cover his own backside, the father tossed Lucielle down into Hell. He then took away all his memories of being an angel, having lived in Heaven, or having had a brother or parent. Cleophes was then ordered to never speak of his brother again unless he planned to join him in damnation. The End. 

//screeeches// more fluffy kids. Coynu/Nonoel  @ FA held another make-your-own event. Preamies this tiiime….and…I had…no ideas…because I can never pull charas out of my nose when I need to. So I made one based off Elsa from frozen.