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Quick lil thingie of Theodore…

GOOHhhd so I got to do a make-your-own of Nonoel/Coynu’s Dreamy species on FA today. I made these two baes. Eris & Caesar. I still gotta you know make em cute outfits….trick em out. BUTILOVETHEM.

vigilanteangelana asked: who are the other three seraphim angels beside Issac?

The four Seraphim angels are Isaac, Luther, Absalom, and Palestine.


Isaac: Protects the Western Entrance to God’s throne. He’s probably the most social and active. Seraphims don’t generally interact with Heaven’s general public but Isaac will talk to anybody. While he tends to be the nicest he’s also the most violent and aggressive when angered. 

Luther: Protects the Southern Entrance to God’s throne. He’s probably the most cynical and critical. He expresses more displeasure with the current state of Heaven than anyone else.

Absalom: Protects the Northern Entrance to God’s throne. He’s the calmer and wiser angel of the group. He’s normally the one bringing his brothers and sisters together. Some people mistake him for God.

Palestine: Protects the Eastern Entrance to God’s throne. She’s the most compromising of the group. She normally just watches over the lower-level angels and is often the unbiased opinion to many situations. I had a weird dream laaast night….but it was on point and I wanted to type it out before I forget it.

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//screeeches// I got a really cute adopt in a trade a while back and I’m just now drawing hiiiiim. He’s a Czlph and his name is Fiore. = v = His original design is by Coynu @ FA. 

Answering aasks as they are piling up on me omg hi guys. ; u ;

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Anonymous asked: So if Amaliel has a crush on Joe, has she ever tried to kiss him or anything?

Nooope. Ama’s never had the guts to approach him like that on her own. 

But waaay waaay back in the day when Jophiel was just a healer and Ama was just a tavern wench, Gabriel wanted Joe out on the battlefield with his soldiers to tend to any injuries in some war in Limbo. Ama had a baaad dream about that particular battle and reaaly REALLLYYY didn’t want Joe to go. So he had to do something to convince Ama that he’d be okay…so he just kinda…yeah kissed her. Ama still hasn’t forgotten about that.

And now we look back…//queue soft music// 

Yesss the wickedly delicious stepsisters, Strawberry Shortcake & Apple Pie.

/screeches/ I made some more adoopttss. These have all been sold ehuehueheu.