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Kisses Make Everything Better!

Been sick for the past few days with no internet, so here’s a lil’ somethin cause I never draw cutesy kissy things.


tekubi-wa-odoru sent:

what does mundoo think about jophiel? we know he wants him dead but does he feel even a little bit of sympathy or even love about him? and does he know jophiel is crushing on him? sorry they are my fav

Mun’s got mixed feelings about Joe. Sometimes he thinks of him as an annoying little dog that he wants to beat to death. Sometimes his godly father instincts kick in and he thinks of him as a little neglected baby. Aaand other times he thinks of him as a potential eternal partner.

He knows that Jophiel likes him.. But he isn’t sure why when he knows that he’s plotting something. 

charityib sent:

hey just a question about your OC's does Amaliel, have a crush Jophiel?

Yeah. Ama’s been crushing on Joe since they were like….toddlers. 

But Joe never picks up on it because Ama displays it by being an ass.

But it’s still kind of obvious.

So guess who just made a fuckton of adopts. 

More doodles I may or may not ever touch again.

The boys from across the track. 

I’m with stupid~!

Experimenting with some more chibi styles to throw at ppl.

Commissions are open GUUuUuUYsss.