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//screeeches// more fluffy kids. Coynu/Nonoel  @ FA held another make-your-own event. Preamies this tiiime….and…I had…no ideas…because I can never pull charas out of my nose when I need to. So I made one based off Elsa from frozen.

Anonymous asked: Lil tip: don't make your faces so wide and eyes so big. Of course its just your style so you can ignore meh

lil tip: ^^^^^Don’t do this^^^^^

There she is. Ezrin the demon guppy.

//chokes on fluffy adopted kids and dies// I got another dreamy the other day and I split em into twins. Fei’s the loud violent one. Li’s the blind helpless one. 

Working a 72-hour shift like…

Just hear me out.

Iye, the middle-child of Mundoo’s three prized sons. He’s the most level-headed of the three. Mundoo favors him for his unconditional obedience. 

Quick lil thingie of Theodore…

GOOHhhd so I got to do a make-your-own of Nonoel/Coynu’s Dreamy species on FA today. I made these two baes. Eris & Caesar. I still gotta you know make em cute outfits….trick em out. BUTILOVETHEM.

vigilanteangelana asked: who are the other three seraphim angels beside Issac?

The four Seraphim angels are Isaac, Luther, Absalom, and Palestine.


Isaac: Protects the Western Entrance to God’s throne. He’s probably the most social and active. Seraphims don’t generally interact with Heaven’s general public but Isaac will talk to anybody. While he tends to be the nicest he’s also the most violent and aggressive when angered. 

Luther: Protects the Southern Entrance to God’s throne. He’s probably the most cynical and critical. He expresses more displeasure with the current state of Heaven than anyone else.

Absalom: Protects the Northern Entrance to God’s throne. He’s the calmer and wiser angel of the group. He’s normally the one bringing his brothers and sisters together. Some people mistake him for God.

Palestine: Protects the Eastern Entrance to God’s throne. She’s the most compromising of the group. She normally just watches over the lower-level angels and is often the unbiased opinion to many situations.