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I'm just a lame college student who draws instead of being normal. 99% OC's 1% Fanart.
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From the other daaay. I swapped out my pink dreamy child for this girlie. Her name be Athena. She’s a hella bookish kuudere that runs around with a french private investigator. 

charityib asked: ello, senpai! Congrats on your DD!

Omg no I’m not senpai material. I- I’m not ready for that kind of responsibility.


But THANK YOU…im still….it’s still…sinking in. I just kind of woke up to it like “…..oh…..OH”



practicing this cutie for a big trade with terraterrific :3c

**shall have to use every artistic bone in body to make worthy trade art for senpai**

I made Jophiel an alternate outfit just for the heck of it. I guess his red outfit would be more for Archangel of Beauty stuff..and this one would be more for First Lieutenant guardian angel stuff…

Anonymous asked: Where's you mundoo icon from? Is it from a comic you did?

Naah no comic. =v= My icon isn’t even Mundoo. It’s Huayna….possessed by Mundoo..from an old post. Because like…when Mundoo needs to talk to his children….instead of showing himself…he just possesses  Huayna and uses his body. 

nAAAHh it’s a totally reasonable question because when i draw them….their tails just look kinda…there? = 7 = So I hope this explains it.

Made some more Navilu bbus last night..around…1am….;; The first two I kept. The last two I sold on FA.

rosettehiruka asked: Okay so, does that reporter angel know about a yinehi running around heaven?


Nope. Hilda is completely clueless. Most angels still believe Heaven is an inpeneturable fortress. 





Catasia really enjoys Ivan’s reactions to her various “magic tricks” 

Another child of Mundoo. This is Catasia. To hide from her God she entered Heaven posing as an Angel of Fortune until she was imprisoned for her “demonic” practices. Still she managed to become such good friends with Ivan that he treats her more like a guest rather than a prisoner. No chains no cell.