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I'm just a lame college student who draws instead of being normal. 99% OC's 1% Fanart.
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*casually digs up asks related to charas when I feel like doodling them*

Random sidestory acp scene thingie. Sometimes as a reward for a really good issue Imani will get Hilda and Frankie invitations to nice parties and events where famous angels attend just so they can enjoy themselves but Hilda always makes everything work related. 

Anonymous said: STEVEN UNIVERSE O A O for the fandom thing;;;

I honestly love every crystal gem to the same extent….they’re all perfect in their own ways….but I lack the motivation to draw all of them so here’s Pearl and Garnet.

Anonymous said: totally spies/w.i.t.c.h?

Irma hands dooown she was always my favorite. Back in elementary I hoarded every W.I.T.C.H comic book i could get my hands on. I was always so pissed because I could never draw any of the characters right. 

daydreaming-apparatus said: steven universe or gravity falls i couldnt choose which to ask

MAAAYYY BEELLLLLL. Ya’ll are gonna have to forgive me for butchering these cartoon bbies. I’m still indeed anime trash.

Bubblegum is literally all of my favorite things….

I’m always neglecting the children so here’s some pre-Limbo Kofi. 

Cold/Flu’s been kicking my butt for the past few days….but I’ve been having art withdrawals so I had to put my sickness aside and color something.  

It’s lil Elias and Claudiu waaay waaay back in the day before centuries of life hit em and they got all wise and old and wrinkly….and old.

-drops this here b4 bed- I got a new czylph child in a trade the other day. This is Nanuq. He’s like this….mean snow deity. He and Fiore like to be ratchet together. 

Original species belongs to Coynu @ FA

Old Hilda scribble. Whur yu goin guuuuurl?